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Photo Color Correction Services

Photographs are clicked by professionals for many reasons such as digital photography for a company’s product, wedding or pre wedding photo shoots, portrait photos for models and advertising agencies, etc. It is normally seen that images are not even toned, blurred, reflecting too much light, face not visible in bright light, etc. To overcome such problems faced by professional photographers, our outsourcing company based in India provides photo color correction services to global clients. Clipping Path Editor is your one stop solution if you want your photos to be vibrant and pleasant with perfect color balance. Avail our free trial to check out high resolution results.

What is Photo Color Correction?

Photo color correction means resolving any issue related to color of images and fix the problem of distorted colors. In case the photo was not clicked in the perfect light or the object nearby are too dull that damage the photographs then, photo color correction will fix the color balance in order to get you perfect pictures that portrait happiness and charm of colors. We also colorize your black and white images of old photographs.

According to google Photoshop is the ultimate tool for photo editing services and our experts are experienced in working with Photoshop color correction tool that gives your image perfect white color balance. We have professional team of photo editors that offer a series of Photoshop color correction services. Many industries outsource image color correction services for reliable, affordable and top quality results within stipulated time frames. We provide you HDR quality results, perfect color balance, color variations and image color corrections assured.

Our Range of Color Correction Service

1. Color Saturation and Vibrancy Adjustment

A photo's vibrancy and saturation intensify its color pallet. Vibrancy’s sphere is the increasing intensity of mixed colors; therefore, you should not change a photo's bright colors. Saturation influences a picture's full-color spectrum and skin color. Natural colors are not considered since it is not compulsory that you alter them.

2. Color Saturation

It refers to the visible captured capacity from a light source. Photo editing flow is influenced by the intensity of a particular perceived color. It helps in modifying a washed out image into a beautiful one. You may use color saturation to correct dull photos that are rarely attended.

3. Color Temperature Adjustment

Images have different aims when being shot and edited. It is hence necessary for you to have a clear purpose for a photo to choose the ideal temperature that will allow you to modify it. Public images need garish pallet colors. Most customers prefer bright colors. However, such colors wouldn't be appropriate for greeting cards which need neutral and soft colors. Color temperature makes photos appear precise and natural.

4. Shadow Compensation

At times, you may need to put some objects in a photo in a spotlight while leaving out the rest. You should highlight the target subjects and add a shadow on the undesired ones. Highlighting is essential when retouching a portrait and it appears dark.

5. Exposure Adjustment

Exposure equilibration is the most vital component in color correction. It purposefully lowers or raises exposure from a standard proportional value, and it darkens or brightens images to suit your preference. Professional photographers consider it to be a frequently applied color correction option.

6. Color Tone Adjustment

Although skin editing is a tricky process, it increases color correction's accuracy. It mainly preserves and raises the skin tone's level.