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Image Manipulation Service

Artistic Image manipulation service is one of the most state-of-the-art and thought-provoking images editing services that demands not merely skill and experience, however also the ability of creative thinking in giving an intangible look. This service could be used for magazines, periodical cover images, product ads etc. For providing this service, our proficient and skilled graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop plus Illustrator. But a faultless photography might be also essential before doing imaginative image manipulation work. Relationship is the key to accomplishment of any business plus the business card, greeting template otherwise letter head, post card, product catalogue etc. are the medium of keeping relationship through the customers. The inventive graphic designers can offer the image manipulation service for your rising business. Google can help you more about Image Manipulation Service.

Why Neck Joint Service:

When photographers take photographs of a cloth wearing it on a dummy, at that time the internal side of the fabric remains unseen. If the product internal part needs to noticeable and to eliminate the mannequin from the image they do take a novel photo of products internal side. That time neck joint otherwise ghost mannequin’s services are very significant. On the whole there are two otherwise three paragraphs which will be offered in a single image, in front view, back view and inner view or partial view. Improves image quality dress that you post on your site that would help you upsurge traffic to your site also, which means more cash for your business.

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service:

This image editing process is supportive for almost every clothes industry, online journal, fashion photographers, add agency and several other persons who works with fashions and cloths. A garment entrepreneur needs this service to aid him showcase his industrial product to diverse buyers, which aids him to disclose his company label and tag accompanied by the product. An online periodical and fashion photographer have the similar benefits of showing the clothing with the brand tag and labels. On the other hand, this method is money saving clue for them, a studio would do all the works in less time than it would take to comprehensive with models, which correspondingly saves lot of time.


Clipping Path Editor tries to express all step list below :

Step 1: Photo clipping path
A minimum background is a primary requirement for obvious mannequin effect. Your photo background can restrain unnecessary facts that should be removed by photo background removal. Behind photos or inside undesired details should be discarded.


Mannequin photographs contain multiple angles photos worn by the models. As a result, there is a chance to be abstracted from the background details. At first, obstructs of the not required details removed by photo clipping path. It makes the mannequin process easier and helps to make clear mannequin in further steps

Step 2: Remove Ghost from the photo

After clipping of your photo efficiently remove the ghost or dummy from the photo. Eliminating all of the background and mannequins, filter the image mask a little to the edges. It helps to make the effect a fine and fresh look.
To make the mannequin illusion stand out, filter the edges repeatedly. Double check the filter edges and makes sure that everything is in the position.

Step 3: Add neck joint

As you have taken your several shots of the photos, it is time to use them now. Use the without mannequin photo and cut the neck. Add the neck to the filtered edge image. Fix the error of matching and edit like attachment exactly.

Step 4: Add shadow to the neck portion

To make the ghost effect sensible, add shadow to the collar portion. It is the very important step to take effect exactly. It is beneficial to come into view your images in 3D view. Shadow beneath the collar area keeps neckline triangle between the shoulders

Step 5: Final retouching

Finally, you have done your entire shop mannequin, review your work carefully. Finishing retouching will include evaluation of your work. Check the opacity, angle, shadow, and replacement of your photos.

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