What is Image Masking ?

Image masking is an advanced photo editing technique used to hide or reveal specific parts of an image. Unlike the more rigid and precise clipping path method, image masking allows for more flexibility and is particularly useful for complex images, such as those with fine details like hair or fur. Here are the key points about image masking

   Types of Image Masking:
    • Layer Masking: This involves using a grayscale layer to hide or reveal parts of the image. Black hides the parts of the layer, white reveals them, and shades of gray partially reveal.
    • Clipping Masks: This method uses the content of one layer to mask the layers above it. The top layer’s visibility is determined by the opacity of the layer below.
    • Alpha Channel Masking: This uses the alpha channel (transparency channel) to define areas of an image to keep or remove. It’s effective for complex images with gradients and shadows.
    • Hair and Fur Masking: Specialized techniques to handle fine details and complex edges like hair, fur, or semi-transparent objects.

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